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SWK 467 : Social Work Research

A guide to help you find empirical articles for analysis.

Article Critique Guidelines

How will I find my articles for this assignment?

This guide will help you to find the empirical articles needed for the group critique.  The database that you will want to use intially is PsychINFO.   PsychINFO is a much larger database and will give you more results. 

It will also allow you to limit to "Empirical Articles".  This will make your search much simpler and save a lot of time.  There is also a Thesaurus.  This will be really helpful.  Academic articles are often categorized by very specific language.  If you aren't finding articles in PsychINFO, there is a good chance that you haven't found the right subject term or keyword.

If you need further assistance,  please come to the Zuhl Information Desk.  We have extensive hours and the desk is staffed by librarians, trained staff members, and students.  You may also contact me,  Alisa Gonzalez,  Social Science Librarian.  My contact information is or call my office (575) 646-6926.

Library Services

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Need Research Help?

I'm Alisa Gonzalez, Social Science Librarian. 

One of my favorite parts of my job is the chance to work one on one with students. 

If you have a daunting project or can't find information, please contact me.   Contact me through email or by phone 6-6926 and let's set up an appointment or I can help you through email.