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Advocates for Scholarly Teaching

Resources for NMSU faculty and members of Advocates for Scholarly Teaching

Advocates for Scholarly Teaching


The Advocates for Scholarly Teaching actively support New Mexico State University in increasing and documenting institutional effectiveness by encouraging, creating and sustaining an environment that focuses on the continuous improvement of student learning through course-level assessment and scholarly teaching.



Advocates for Scholarly Teaching:

1.  Increase faculty awareness of the professional and personal benefits of course-level assessment and scholarly teaching

2.  Promote faculty development in course-level learning outcomes assessment  

3.  Promote faculty engagement in scholarly teaching

4.  Increase student learning through wider application of course-level assessment and scholarly teaching



It is clear that goals have been achieved when faculty on our campus:

1.  Seek out and participate in workshops and other events that increase their understanding and implementation of course-level learning outcomes assessment and scholarly teaching.

2.  Consistently undertake meaningful, ongoing assessment at the course level.

3.  Practice scholarly teaching.

4.  Share with their departments, colleges and/or the campus community the challenges and successes they encounter when implementing course-level assessment and practicing scholarly teaching.

In an effort to model effective assessment practices, the Advocates for Scholarly Teaching will:

1.  Measure the degree to which evidence-based teaching is taking place

2.  Measure the effects of course-level assessment activities on student learning

3.  Assess AST’s role in increasing scholarly teaching and course-level assessment at NMSU.

4.  Disseminate the data collected above to faculty campus-wide.

Updated 3/3/2015

Assessment Committee Membership 2014-2015


AST Membership 2014-2015
Sharon Bartley Family & Consumer Sciences May 2015
Merranda Marin Family & Consumer Sciences May 2017
Tauna Cole-Dorn Art May 2017
Jim Kroger Psychology May 2016
Jennifer Noonan Philosophy May 2017
Dale Spencer Accounting & Information Systems May 2015
Meghan Downes (Chair) Economics & International Business May 2016
Mary Prentice Edu. Leadership & Administration May 2017
Heejung Chun Counseling & Educational Psychology May 2015
Steve Stochaj Electrical & Computer Engineering May 2016
Craig Ricketts Engineering Technology May 2017
Teresa Leon Nursing May 2015
Maria Gurrola Social Work May 2017
Samantha Rich Library Admin May 2016
Loui Reyes Graduate School Dean Position Appt
Laura Grant Office of Associate Provost - ex-officio Position Appt
Judy Bosland Institutional Analysis Position Appt
Shelly Stovall Director of Assessment - ex-officio Position Appt
Provost Office of the Provost - ex-officio Position Appt