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BUSA 111 : Business in a Global Society

Step-By-Step Directions

What is this InfoSearch guide?

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This step-by-step guide was created to assist you in completing the InfoSearch and Research Paper assignments. You are not required to use these exact resources (unless specified by the assignment), but following them will help you produce a successful assignment.


Use the tabs on the left to navigate the guide. You will find detailed instructions for completing each question of the InfoSearch assignment in the InfoSearch Step-by-Step Directions. We also created a sample project if you'd like to see one—available from the InfoSearch Sample Project page. .


You will submit your assignments through Canvas. In order to save websites and database screen prints, use your computer's print screen function. If you need help consult with the student assistants at the BC Computer Lab (#309) in the Business Complex or any other campus lab.

Getting Help

If you encounter problems while working on this assignment, first consult the resources in this guide. If you are still having difficulty contact us or the Zuhl Information Desk staff (646-5792). We are happy to help, but remember, this is your assignment and you are responsible for doing the work. If you are having trouble finding information about your company or MSA, please contact your professor to discuss options.

Final Product

After completing the assignment be sure to assemble the document as directed in the instructions. The organization of the report is just as important as completing the exercises and points will be deducted for failure to follow instructions.


If you have questions about this guide, please contact me, David Irvin, at 6-6925 or

David Irvin