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BUSA 111 : Business in a Global Society

Get Industry Data

For this question you will create a list of industry data to compare your assigned company to two competitors and the industry average based on market capitalization, revenue, and operating margin. This information provides investors with the insights on how well a company is doing compared to the rest of the industry.

List of key resources:

To answer this question well, you will use a variety of financial sources, listed above. For industry averages use the CSI Market links, which will provide the easiest way to obtain that data. 

How to Find Industry Data

1. Log on to one of the following services: Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, or Mergent Online:

2. Find the data points for your assigned company & two competitors:

3.  Find industry data using CSI Market. (For the Operating Margin Question, use this link: Industry Profitability Ratios)

4. Create a table/chart comparing each measure