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BUSA 111 : Business in a Global Society

Find your basic company Information

Question one asks for basic company information, like a company's ticker symbol, the stock exchange where your company trades, and its NAICS code. We have some tools to find this information. If you can't find the answers in one database, try the other.

More Tips: After you find your company's ticker symbol, continue using this information while searching instead of the company name. Review the information in the section below to learn more about NAICS codes*.

Links to key databases:

Note: in Lexis Nexis, you can download a profile of an individual company that includes data such as company overview, financials/SEC filings, competitors, recent news, recent legal cases, patents and more. You can also generate a list of companies that meet certain criteria, such as sales/revenue, NAICS/SIC code, or number of employees. To access Dossier, click on the Menu drop down and select Company Dossier.


Find the Right NAICS Code

The US Government redefined NAICS codes in 2012. To be safe, you may want to check the NAICS code you obtain from our databases against this list, to make sure you have the most recent number:


Find Basic Company Information with Mergent Online

1. Access Mergent Online

2. In the Company Search box, enter your company name's or ticker symbol

3. Next, click the Go button

4. Review the list of results and select your assigned company

What is a NAICS code?

NAICS codes are used to classify business establishments according to the products or services they provide. Each code comprise a series of numbers that represent an industry. A full listing of the NAICS codes can be found from the U.S. Census Bureau website.