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BUSA 111 : Business in a Global Society

Put your work product together

Keep in mind that your assignment will also be graded on how it's organized. In the "real world" you would not submit a poorly created report to your boss. So you're getting experience now in organizing a report. Double check all of your work.

Did you save a copy of the assignment so that you can work on it electronically?

Did you follow the instructions exactly?

Did you paginate correctly?

Are your charts/graphs properly created and labeled?

Are your articles appropriate? Or are they merely blurbs?

Have you answered all the questions?

Did you use correct grammar? Use spell checker?


Fill in the blanks where the assignment asks for brief answers.

For each question you will submit some additional materials. It might be the web site where you found the ticker symbol for your company, or the article that discusses your industry, etc.

If you found the answer to a different question from a source previously used, copy it a second time and use it for that particular question. For example, do not include the information for question 3 on the slide for question 1 – make another copy.