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BUSA 111 : Business in a Global Society

Product and/or Service Analysis

Earlier we described how airlines segment customers. Airlines use product segmentation strategies to target customers based on different needs. This is typically represented by offering three classes of products and services: economy, business, and first. For this question you need to describe a product or service that targets one of the customer segments identified in the previous section. Let's take Delta Air Lines' business class as an example.

We recommend beginning by looking at how the company describes the product or service. Delta Air Lines recently rebranded its business class service as Delta One. From Delta's website, we learn that business class includes 180-degree flat-bed seats, premium entertainment, expedited security screening, premium boarding, and baggage handling.

The next step is to look at other sources and see how the product and/or service is described elsewhere. Afar magazine recently published a list of five things they love about Delta One. The article cites quicker check-in at security, better food, wine selected from a master sommelier, multiple electrical outlets, and seats with lots of legroom. 

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