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BUSA 111 : Business in a Global Society

Competitor Analysis

How does your assigned company's products and/or services compare to the competition? The first step is to determine who your company's competitors are. You should have this information from the InfoSearch assignment.

Just like you investigated a product and/or service for your own company, begin researching a competitor's product and/or service. For example, both United and American Airlines offer business class. What makes their offerings unique?

Next, describe which company is doing better in appealing to their target market. You may not find a source that directly compares your company's products and/or services to the competition. Instead, select a few features and think about which may be more attractive to the customer. For example, Delta offers any business traveler access to their Delta Sky Club lounges, while American Airlines only grants access to those flying international business class. Which airline would a business traveler select if flying between Los Angeles and New York? What other factors might they consider?

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