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Border & Latin American Information

Information sources for research on Latin America and the U.S.-Mexico border region

Index & Abstract Sources

These databases provide citations and abstracts to thousands of articles. In some cases, there will be links to the full-text. Or, search the Library catalog or the Electronic Journals to determine if NMSU subscribes to the journal.

Finding Books

Search LIBRARY CATALOGS (example=NMSU Online catalog: to find the locations for books and journals in library collections.  Use the “combine keywords” search. Example: if you combine the keywords “mexico AND border AND culture” you get about 20 hits. If you use the more general terms “mexico AND border AND social” you will get a list of more than 100 items. The catalog is a good place to find books, retrospective research reports and other information as background for a current project or issue. Many US government documents, state of New Mexico documents, and Mexican government publications can be found in the catalog. Check the “full record” in your results to link to other relevant materials with the same subject headings. You can also search the catalog directly using subject headings, for example, the subject heading search  “mexican american border region” yields many relevant materials.


Another technique is to use the combine keyword search screen, but to search for certain keywords in the subject headings (SKEY), rather than general keywords. Here are some examples that produce good results:



econom? (truncation ?)     Search in SKEY


border                          Search in SKEY



maquila?                               Search in GKEY


mexico                              Search in SKEY



migration                               Search in SKEY


border                                    Search in SKEY


migration OR immigration


mexico                         Search in SKEY

Look at the search results and note some of the subject headings:


Mexican American Border Region


Mexican American Border Region—Social conditions


Mexican American Border Region—Economic conditions


Offshore assembly industry—Mexico


Mexico—Emigration and immigration


Water consumption—Mexico


Labor market—Mexico




Author, Title, Subject Search


Use this search if you know the exact author or title of the book/journal that you are looking for.



Search for:                                                       Search by:

human organization                                           Journal Title

latin american perspectives

journal of borderlands studies


            vila, pablo                                                         Author

            martinez, oscar                                                

            urrea, luis

            bowden, charles


            fronteras no mas                                               Title

            down by the river

            border people

            opening mexico


Finding Articles

Use the ARTICLE DATABASES section of the NMSU Library web to access many useful online databases for full-text articles and citations to many scholarly journals and news sources. Access to some of the databases listed below is restricted to students and faculty of New Mexico State University. When connecting to a subscription resource from off-campus, you will see a screen like the one below. When prompted, you will need to provide your social security number in order to gain access.

Selected Bibliography

Mexican News Sources

The websites listed here are a good place to start for links to many substantive information resources.

The University of Texas Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)


The Library’s video collections are included in the catalog. Videos may be checked out from the Circulation Desk in Branson Library. Below is a list of some of the videos on U.S.-Mexico border topics.