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Government Information

SuDoc Classes & Agencies Housed at NMSU

Agriculture Department: A1.1:---A 115.2:

Patent and Trademark Office: C 21.1---C 21.37: & I 23

Federal Communications Commission: CC 1.1:--CC 1.64:

Defense Department—Army/Navy/Marines: D 1.1--D 221.18: & N

Farm Credit Administration:  FCA 1.1:--FCA 1.29:

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service:  FM 1.1:--FM 1.9:

General Services Administration:  GS 1.1:--GS 2.27, GS 6.1-6.13, GS 11-14:

Housing and Urban Development Department:  HH 1.1:--HH14.19:

U. S. Agency for International Development:  ID1.1:--ID 1.33:

Judiciary:  Ju 2.2:--Ju 15.15:

NASA:  NAS 1.1—NAS 1.119:

National Mediation Board:  NMB 1.1:--NMB 1.9:

National Science Foundation:  NS 1.1:--NS 2.12:

Railroad Retirement Board:  RR 1.1:--RR 1.22:

Small Business Administration:  SBA 1.1:--SBA 1.54:

Treasury Department:  T 1.1:--T72.15:

Administrative Conference of the US:  Y3.Ad 6:

United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy:  Y3.AD9/12:

Appalachian Regional Commission:  Y3.Ap 4/2:

Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board:  Y3.B27:

U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board:  Y3.C42:

Commodity Futures Trading Commission:  Y3.C73/5:

Consumer Product Safety Commission:  Y3. C76/3:

Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission: Y3.D36/2:

Federal Election Commission: Y3. El 2/3: 1---Y3.El 2/3: 22/2

Election Assistance Commission:   Y3.El 2/5:

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:  Y3. Eq 2:

Export-Import Bank of the U.S.:  Y3.Ex7/3:

Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation:  Y3. F22/2:

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation:  Y3. F31/8:

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council:  Y3.F 49.1 – 49:19:

Financial Literacy and Education Commission:  Y3. F49/2:

Interagency Council on the Homelessness:  Y3. H75:

Medicare Payment Advisory Commission:  Y3. M46/3:

Medicaid and Chip Payment and Access Commission:  Y3. M46/4:

Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission:  Y3.M 66:

The Corporation for National and Community Service:  Y3. N21/29:

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission:  Y3. OC 1:

United States Institute of Peace:  Y3. P 31:

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation:  Y3. P38/2:

U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom:  Y3.R 27:

Committee on Agriculture:  Y4. AG 8/1 – 8/2:

Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry (Senate): Y4. AG 8/3:

Joint Economic Committee:  Y4. EC 7:

Committee on Education and the Workforce (House):  Y4. ED 8/1:

Senate Impeachment Trial Committee:  Y4. IM 7/2:

Committee on the Judiciary—House:  Y4.J89/1:

Committee on the Judiciary—Senate:  Y4. J89/2:

Commission on Security and Cooperation Europe:  Y4. SE 2:

Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship (Senate):  Y4. SM 1/2:

Committee on Small Business (House):  Y4. SM 1:

Committee on Standards of Official Conduct (House):  Y4. ST 2/3:

Joint Committee on Taxation:  Y4. T 19/4: