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A guide to the educational streaming video service for classrooms and Canvas

What is Kanopy?

NMSU Las Cruces campus Library licenses streaming video titles in response to the instructional needs of University programs.  The focus is on supporting in-class teaching method and course content.

Kanopy is a solution to providing educational institutions with online access to more than 26,000 films from many of the leading producers, including the Criterion Collection, PBS, Kino Lorber, New Day Films, The Great Courses, California Newsreel, and hundreds more. Kanopy’s streaming interface makes it easy to watch, share, discuss and engage with films across campus. It is easy for both faculty and students to embed Kanopy in their coursework through Canvas.  With Kanopy, you can share films, create clips, or teaching playlists. 

Benefits of Kanopy

There are many benefits for universities to utilize streaming video.

  • Simple integration into Canvas and other instructional management systems. 
  • Closed captioning to provide access to all learners, including hearing impaired individuals
  • Right to stream video with copyright clearance 

Although the American Disabilites Act does not specifically address streaming video, there have been lawsuits involving major universities concerning the lack of closed captioning to provide equal access to all learners.

National Association of the Deaf vs.Harvard and MIT

Canvas provides guidance on implementing Universal Design for Learning