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UNIV 150

An introduction to library and other resources for students in UNIV 150.

Annotate Bibliography Assignment

Library Project: Annotated Bibliography



  1. familiarize yourself with the various research resources available to you and to give you practice in identifying those sources which yield credible information
  2. correctly cite and annotate these sources



This is the worksheet you will begin to fill out when you visit the Library.  It will require that you include citations for the following:

  1. One news article (from any of the variety of different news sources: newspaper, radio, television, etc.)
  2. One magazine article (from a general-interest magazine.  Think of: Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, etc.)
  3. One journal article (from a scholarly journal – we will discuss this more when we visit the library)
  4. One book
  5. One Web site

 It does not matter whether your resources are available in print or electronically, it does matter that they are credible!



As a group, choose the 10 best sources and create an annotated bibliography using APA style. 

Each group member should turn in completed annotated bibliography worksheets.


An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, web sites, and other resources.  Each citation is followed by a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph, the annotation, to inform the reader of the accuracy, quality, and relevance of the sources cited.

An annotation is generally more than just a summary of a reference. A summary describes the main points of a source. Usually, an annotation both describes and analyzes a resource. Points to consider when making your analysis are:

Annotated bibliographies not only provide a list of the resources you used on a project, but also

  • give the reader a glimpse of what each work contains
  • illustrate the level and quality of your research
  • provide examples of resources available on a topic
  • serve as a literature review
  • describe other items on a topic in which the reader might be interested.

There are several types of annotation used in bibliographies.  You will be using the Combination type of annotation.

Informative: Summarizes the source beginning with the thesis, including the main arguments and proofs, ending with the conclusion.

Evaluative: Assesses the value of the source, outlining its strengths and weaknesses.

Combination:  A few sentences summarizing the content and a few sentences evaluating the source.