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BUSA 111 : Business in a Global Society

Market Segmentation

How does your company segment its customers? When you walk into a plane it is very clear how airlines target different customer groups. First-class passengers have high quality seating, food, drinks, and other amenities. In contrast, coach-class passengers have little leg room and many airlines stopped providing free food for domestic flights. However, they account for the majority passenger seats. Business-class fits in-between these two segments. Search for articles that describe how the company might target one of these segments. For example, this AdvertisingAge article is about how Delta and United are providing more perks to attract business-class fliers.

Next, look for an advertisement that targets one of these segments. There are several resources for finding advertisements: Google Images, Business Source Premier, and advertising publications such as Advertising Age. The following advertisement from Delta is targeting business class fliers. I found this advertisement from Google Images by searching "Delta Advertisement Business".

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