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Animal Science

This web page is designed to introduce you to scientific and technical literature in animal science, strategies for searching the literature in those areas, and research tools available to assist in conducting a search.


Subject Profile Call Numbers

Call number range  LC Subject Heading
QL 700 - QL749 Zoology-Mammals
QL 750 - QL795 Animal Behavior
S Agriculture
SF Animal Culture
SF 95 - SF 100 Feeds and Feeding-Animal Nutrition
SF 191 - SF 275 Cattle
SF 207 Beef Cattle
SF 208 Dairy Cattle
SF 209 Draft Cattle
SF 215 Cattle Shows
SF 250 - SF 275 Dairy Processing
SF 277 - SF 359 Horses
SF 371 - SF 379 Sheep
SF 380 - SF 388 Goats
SF 391 - SF 401 Swine
SF 481 - SF 507 Poultry
SF 600 - SF 1100 Veterinary Medicine

Print Reference Books

Electronic Books

Net-Library selected titles

  • Air Emissions From Animal Feeding Operations: Current Knowledge, Future Needs..
  • Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Agriculture
  • Emerging Animal Diseases: Global Markets, Global
  • Enchantment and Exploitation: The Life and Hard Times of a New Mexico Mountain Range
  • The Ethology of Domestic Animals: An Introductory Text
  • Food Animal Husbandry and the New Millennium.
  • Global Rangelands: Progress and Prospects.
  • Grass: Its Production and Utilization
  • Human Issues in Animal Agriculture
  • Livestock Development: Implications for Rural Poverty, the Environment, and Global Food Security
  • Metabolic Modifiers: Effects On the Nutrient Requirements of Food-producing Animals
  • U.S. Forest Service Grazing and Rangelands: A History
  • The Western Range Revisited: Removing Livestock From Public Lands to Conserve Native Biodiversity

The National Academies Press Website offers more than 5,000 free titles in PDF format.  Almost all of these PDF's can be downloaded for free by the chapter or the entire book selected titles include:

  • Changes in the Sheep Industry in the United States: Making the Transition for Tradition
  • Rangeland Health: New Methods to Classify, Inventory, and Monitor Rangelands
  • Toward Sustainable Agricultural Systems in the 21st Century
  • Workforce Needs in Veterinary Medicine
  • Meeting Critical Laboratory Needs for Animal Agriculture:  Examination of Three Options
  • Exploring Health and Environmental Costs of Food:  Workshop Summary
  • Adapting Agricultural Extension to Peacebuilding:  Report of a Workshop by the National Academy of Engineering and the US Institute of Peace:  Roundtable on Technology, Science, and Peacebuilding
  • Transforming Agricultural Education for a Changing World