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GEOG 328 : Geography of Latin America

Background information on your country
Many of these books give you a good background for the Site and Situation Part of your paper:

CIA World Factbook  - Excellent, up-to-date information by country. Has decent maps too.




































Credo Reference - A collection of hundreds of searchable, full-text titles from the world’s foremost publishers. Credo Reference Academic Core covers every major subject.





















Gale Virtual Reference Library - Has many topic-specific works to search individually (see titles below)
      OR search by country name across all titles in this collection

Countries and Their Cultures, 2001 - Click on full-text link
Countries of the World and Their Leaders, 2012

Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture, 2008
Food Cultures of the World, 2011

Geo-Data: The World Geographical Encyclopedia, 3rd Ed., 2002
Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life, 2009 - Click on full-text link




NMSU Library Catalog

Search for books, videos, maps, theses, government documents, and other materials owned by the NMSU Library. The catalog also functions as a discovery service so you can search for articles, and other information sources all at the same time.

Use Advanced Search, then search by subject then country name and keyword (economic, political, environment, etc.)


WorldCat contains bibliographic information for more than 40 million books and other materials from thousands of library collections all over the world. Use Worldcat to expand access beyond the holdings of the NMSU Library. Use the link in Worldcat to request the book through Information Delivery Services.


Reference Books

Located on the 1st floor of Zuhl LIbrary. Many of these titles are also excellent starting points but you need to actually go to the library. Check our library hours. The Library is open every day but Saturday. One of the best titles for your assignment, Europa World Year Book, is highlighted in red. It is so important that it is on the dictionary stand!
Ref F1406 E515 2000 Encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean Cultures 
Ref F1406 E53 2008 Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture 
Ref G63.E5213 1995 World Geographical Encyclopedia 
Ref G63.E554 2010 Encyclopedia of Geography
Ref G63 K874 2002 Encyclopedia of the World's Nations 
Ref G63 K874 2002 Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations 
Ref G103.5 .C65 2008 The Columbia Gazetteer of the World 
Ref G116.C645 Companion Encyclopedia of Geography, the Environment and Humankind
Ref G133.W88 2001 World Geography
Ref G1021 M33 Maps on File
Ref GF4.D52 2000 The Dictionary of Human Geography
Ref GB10.D53 2000 The Dictionary of Physical Geography
Ref GB 611.E65 1999 Encyclopedia of Deserts
Ref GE 149.E443 2002 Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Change
Ref GC 9.E57 2001 Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences
Ref GF10 .E63 2004 Encyclopedia of World Environmental History
Ref GB1201.4.P46 2001 Rivers of the World: A Social, Geographical, and Environmental Sourcebook

Ref GC 9.E57 2001 Europa World Yearbook  [Dictionary stand at the beginning of the Ref Collection]
Ref JL1866.P65 2006 Political Risk Yearbook South America R