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Chemical Price Information

Locating bulk chemical prices can be difficult, and there's a chance you won't find the price for the chemical you need. Some resources are priced for industries and are too expensive for most universities.


ICIS Chemical Business Americas Logon: Password: library

ICIS Chemical Business moved their full price reports to ICIS Chemical Business Chemical Pricing. Currently, NMSU only has access to ICIS Chemical Business, but you can still access prices, just not the full ICIS price reports. In the Search box - top right corner - enter (with quotes): “key chemical prices”


Chemical and Engineering News print: 1942--present

The annual (late June or early July) “Facts and Figures for the Chemical Industry” issue includes statistics on prices, production, trade, company results, R&D spending and employment. Figures are specific to category and company, not chemical.


SciFinder Scholar (subscription database) Online version of Chemical Abstracts (American Chemical Society).

SciFinder Scholar is a web based application that provides access to CAplus, MedLine, CASREACT, and the Registry database from Chemical Abstracts Service. Includes journal articles, book chapters, patents, conference proceedings, technical reports, substance database and dissertations covered in Chemical Abstracts. SciFinder Scholar is available here:  First time users will need to register.

Lab grade chemical prices are sometimes available – choose Explore Substances from the top, then on the left of the new screen, click on Substance Identifier, and enter your chemical name in the white box.  You'll see an icon of a beaker with a price tag, entitled "Get Commercial Sources."  Most of these suppliers do not provide prices, but direct you to their website for more information.

ICIS Portal

ICIS intends to develop this portal "into an entire Knowledge Zone, with information designed to help students with their studies, a space in which students and academics worldwide can communicate and discuss issues with each other, and showcase their best work to the wider world, not least potential employers."

Available here is historical chemical price information.  Indicative Chemical Prices are given from years 2006, 2007 and 2008.  The caveat: "The prices are intended as a guide and not to be used as a basis for negotiations between producers and customers."