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International Business


All of these resources come directly from U.S. Government agencies that report on international trade statistics, provide methods to facilitate international trade between U.S. companies and foreign countries, or state laws and regulations regarding international trade.

Electronic Resources

Bureau of Economic Analysis. Dept. of Commerce; provides economic data for the U.S., including data on international trade.

Department of Agriculture. Info pertaining to agricultural products in the U.S. & foreign markets, as well as Laws & Regulations. Check out Data & Statistics to find out about production stats -- and under the Topics List, find Market Assistance, Market Research, Trade Policy & Procedures and Transportation & Distribution.

Department of State. The State Dept. provides political and economic briefings as well as advice on business culture and practices of foreign countries.

Export.Gov. Dept. of Commerce; one of the best places to go for exporting information. Among many features: calculate tariffs & taxes on U.S. exports, and a directory of U.S. and foreign trade offices.

Foreign Labor Trends. BLS provides info on labor institutions, practices & recent key developments in the countries reported.

Interactive Tariff & Trade Dataweb. Internat'l Trade Commission; provides international trade statistics, U.S. tariff data, U.S. import & export stats, and U.S. tariff preference information.

International Data Base (IDB). Census Bureau; a computerized databank containing statistical tables of demographic data for 228 countries and areas of the world.

International Statistical Agencies. Census Bureau; provides links to statistical agencies of many foreign countries - possible sources for demographic, trade, economic and financial data.

National Trade Data Bank. Dept. of Commerce; Current and historical trade-related releases, international market research, country analysis, and trade and procurement leads. Access is from Zuhl Library only and requires a login and password. Ask at the reference desk for assistance.

Portals to the World. Library of Congress. This portal gives links to sites that provide information about nations and global regions, and the sites have been selected by Library of Congress Area Specialists.

STAT-USA. Dept. of Congress; gives economic information on financial and economic statistics, international markets, business leads & opportunities throughout the world. Has 2 sections - first tracks trends of the U.S. economy and is the repository for economic indicators, while the second provides info on international commerce, exchange rates, country research and more. Individual access is for a fee; NMSU Library has free access.

Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). Its mission is to advance economic development and U.S. commercial interests in developing and middle-income countries.

TradeStats Express. Dept. of Commerce; can be used for locating national trade data and state export data by HS, SITC or NAICS. Tables of imports of exports can be run between the U.S. or one of its states and other countries.

U.S. AID. Sec'y of State; site includes newsletters and publications with information on developing countries receiving U.S. foreign assistance. Also listings for business opportunities and individual country reports.

U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. Gov't Printing Office; these regulations created by various federal agencies determine how the laws should be applied in the U.S. Title 15-Commerce and Foreign Trade is of particular interest.