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Animal & Range Sciences

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Finding Books on a Topic


The Library's print and electronic book collection can be searched by using the library catalog.

1.)    enter your subject heading

1.)    click on the appropriate type of source, in this case select subject

2.)    review the sources that come up on your screen

3.)     if these don't look appropriate, revise your subject heading

4.)    you might try a "combine keyword" search using your main keywords, for example:

rangeland and management

5.)    from your bibliographic record, click on "full record" which will sometimes give you chapter headings and will lead you to additional materials

6.)    also use the subject headings used in your record for additional sources on your topic

To search book collections beyond those owned by the NMSU Library, use WorldCat. Books not owned by NMSU can be borrowed from other libraries via Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad).

Electronic Reference Books

Print Reference Books

LC Subject Headings for Range Science

Library of Congress Classification System


The general book collection in the NMSU Library is organized on the shelves by subject using this classification system used by most academic libraries in the United States. (In addition most special collections in the NMSU Library- "Periodicals," "Reference," "Map and Atlas," and "Indexes and Abstracts" - all follow this same subject arrangement.) The Library of Congress Classification Outline (Library of Congress) gives a general overview of the entire classification system. Listed below are the major classification areas where range literature is likely to be found:

GB Physical Geography

651-2998 Hydrology, water

906 Watersheds

GV Recreation

193-200.5 Outdoor recreation

HD Land, agriculture, industry

101-1395 Land (including real estate and land tenure)

216-243 Public lands (including grazing)

1405-2206 Agriculture (including agricultural economics, water rights)

1635-1641 Pasture lands

QH Natural history; general biology

540-549 General ecology

QK Botany

75-77 Herbariums

91-97 Classification

100 Poisonous plants

101-474.5 Phytogeography (including floras)

475-497 Spermatophyta

641-673 Plant anatomy

710-899 Plant physiology

901-938 Plant ecology

QL Zoology

81.5-84.77 Wildlife conservation

101-345 Geographical distribution

351-355 Classification and nomenclature

671-699 Birds

700-739.2 Mammals

750-991 Animal behavior, morphology, anatomy, and embryology

S General Agriculture

560-575 Farm management, farm economics

591-599 Soils

622-627 Soil conservation

631-667 Fertilizers and soil improvement

671-760 Farm machinery and engineering

900-972 Conservation of natural resources


SB Plant culture

114-117 Seeds

119-124 Propagation (including breeding)

193-207 Forage crops (including ranges and range watershed, pastures, harvested roughage)

481-485 Parks and public reservations

611-615 Weeds

617-618 Poisonous plants

621-795 Plant pathology

993-999 Noxious and useful animals

SD Forestry

411-425 Conservation and protection

426-428 Forest reserves (including grazing)

SF Animal culture

85 Range Management

95-99 Feeds and feeding, animal nutrition

105-109 Breeds and breeding

191-219 Beef cattle

277-318 Horses

371-379 Sheep, wool

381-395 Goats

399-401 Semidomesticated (including deer, muskox, reindeer)

SH Fisheries and fish culture

171-199 Fish diseases, pests and environmental pollutants

200-324 Fisheries in particular waters

325-329 Fishery management and conservation - general

330-345 Fishery technology and commercial fishery methods

346-364 Fishery management and conservation - individual species

SK Hunting

295-305 Big game hunting

311-335 Bird hunting

351-579 Wildlife management, game protection

601-605 Dude ranching

TD Environmental engineering

420-427 Water pollution