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Business (Company and Industry Research)

Industry Research

1. You can search either by NIACS code, keyword, or by browsing the collection of reports.

1. Within the Search Options find Publication Type and select Industry Profile.

2. Within the Search Options select Full Text

3. Enter the name of the industry into the search box.

TIP: If using a NAICS code select IC NAICS Code or Description from the drop-down menu.

1. Select the Industries tab at the top of the screen or type the industry name into the search box.

2. If the Industries tab was selected, search by the NAICS code using the available search box.

North American Classification System (NAICS) Codes

NAICS codes are used to classify business establishments according to the products or services they provide. They are helpful when searching for industry reports. Each code is comprised of a series of numbers that represent an industry. As the numbers get longer, the industry becomes more specific. For example, the NAICS code for PetSmart is 45391 Pet and Pet Supplies Stores, while 4539 (removing the last digit, 1) is Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers. This includes Art Dealers, Mobile Home Dealers, and Tobacco Stores along with Pet Supplies Stores.

A full listing of the NAICS codes can be found from the U.S. Census Bureau website. If you are having trouble finding a NAICS code for your industry, try the search feature. On the left side of the screen under the heading NAICS Search, enter a keyword related to your industry (e.g. pet supplies, perfume, plums, etc.). Review the results and choose a code that best matches your industry.