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Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

New Books for HRTM

Find Books

If you need a book, start with the NMSU Library Catalog:

Call Number Locations


Reference Zuhl 1st Floor   Q – QC Branson 2nd Floor
A – J Zuhl 2nd Floor   QD – SD Branson 3rd Floor
K – PZ Zuhl 3rd Floor   SF – Z Branson 4th Floor


Subject Call No. Range
NM and the southwest F786-805 

Recreation & Leisure

Recreational Areas & Facilities


Outdoor Life & Recreation


Sports Events & Ball Games


Amusement Parks, Resorts, Performing Arts


Business & Economics




Economic Theory


Economic History & Conditions


Consumer Demand Consumption

​HC79. C6

Environmental Policy

​HC79. E

Income Distribution


Economics - Industries, Land Use, Labor


Economic Development & Growth


Economics - Industry, General


Labor, Housing & Professional Employees


Labor, By Industry 


Special Industries & Trades


Food Products


Service Industries


Transportation - Water and Air


Commerce, General


Business, Business Administration


Office Management

HF 5546-HF5547







Business Communication


Business Records Management




Interior Design Art & Architecture          


Plant Physiology – Fermentation - Enzymes QK896



Viticulture, Grape Culture


Horticultural Voyages, etc.


Turf Management


Engineering & Technology


Home Economics, General


Consumer Education


Nutrition, Food & Food Supply


Nutrition, Food Chemistry & Analysis


Food Preservation & Gastronomy


Cookery – Cookbooks


Menus, Bills of Fare, etc.


Cookery - by Ingredient or Technique


Dining Room Service


Hotel/Restaurant, Food Service & Law


Food Service - Operations 


Taverns, Barrooms



Using Call Numbers

How do Library of Congress call numbers work?

What is a call number?

A call number is the group of letters and numbers found on the spine or front cover of a book, for example [HD 58.8 F686 2014]. These numbers are used to find a book among all of the others in the library's collection. Each book has a unique call number, like an address, which is used to find the book. It also helps to keep material on the same subject in the same place within the library.

How do I find the call number for a book?

First, find the book within the Library Catalog. The Library Catalog will list the book's call number at the bottom of the page, along with the book's location (Zuhl or Branson Library).

How do I locate a book using a call number?

1. Find the first letter of the call number. For example, with [QA 76.76 .H94 M88 1997], you'd want to find the Q section.

2. Once you find the Q section, search for the QA's.

3. Next, look for the number 76.76. Think of this number as a whole number with the point (.) acting as a decimal point.

4. Books are then shelved by the third line, which begins with another letter. In the case of this example, you would look for H and then for 94. The point (.) before the H acts as decimal point, so .H94 would come after .H342.

5. The next set of letters and numbers are found in the same way, except notice there is no decimal point, so the numbers after the M are considered whole numbers. For example, M88 would come before M342.