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Measuring and Broadening Your Research Impact: Educational Administration


Many database publishers and some libraries have created tutorials to help you make better use of databases. The tutorials linked below focus on citation research within Web of Science.  NMSU does not have access to Journal Citation Reports.

Web of Science has a number of tutorials available in different languages on their Training pages.

These two that are especially relevant.

Citation Report and the h-Index

Citation Alerts

MyRI Tutorial - The MyRI (Measuring your Research Impact) tutorial is aimed at post-graduate research students and staff across all disciplines. It introduces users to the main citation tools and metrics used to track research impact.

It is designed so you can work through the entire tutorial module by module or, if you simply want to know how to calculate your h-index, or how many times your publications have been cited you can select the appropriate section.

It also acknowledges the limitations of using citation based tools and metrics and includes video interviews with research staff as well as a large number of demonstrations and links to other MyRI materials and relevant external resources.