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History (Graduate)

History Research for Graduate Students

Find Books

The NMSU Library Catalog provides access to books, videos, government documents, archive collections, and many other resources. The Catalog is now part of the Primo Discovery System

When searching in Primo you are searching:

  • Books, DVDs, journals and other physical items found in the Library

  • Most of the library's online journal articles and newspaper content

  • The NMSU Library Special Collections and Digital Archives

What else can I do with Primo?

  • Renew materials you checked out, use My Account.

  • Create and save lists, save to My Research.

  • Order books from other libraries in the NMSU system


Reference Zuhl 1st Floor   Q – QC Branson 2nd Floor
A – J Zuhl 2nd Floor   QD – SD Branson 3rd Floor
K – PZ Zuhl 3rd Floor   SF – Z Branson 4th Floor

Other catalogs for finding books:


In the NMSU Library Catalog, some materials have unique kinds of call numbers. A call number search will provide a list of these materials. For example, all of our NEWSPAPERS have call numbers that begin: NEWSP.  Our ARCHIVAL MANUSCRIPT COLLECTIONS begin: MS

At the initial search screen, click on ADVANCED SEARCH. Then search for "newsp" in the call number field:


SUBJECT KEYWORDS for primary source materials

The following are some subject keywords that can be used in combination with other search terms to find primary source materials using the library catalog:

sources         diaries       personal narratives            correspondence          oral history          interviews

biography          autobiography

Search example:

Locations of books on New Mexico History

Books may be in various places in the library depending on the primary subject and how it is cataloged. In most cases, books on New Mexico History in the circulating collection will be on the 2nd floor in Zuhl Library in the call number areas: F791-F805.  There are also a large number of materials on New Mexico History in Special Collections in Branson Library.

Note also, that a book may be primarily about another topic that relates to New Mexico history and thus located in a different area. Example, this book is cataloged with several different subject headings and the Call Number places the book in the area of the library for military science, rather than with New Mexico history: 


convenient spy : Wen Ho Lee and the politics of nuclear espionage

Stober, Dan.Hoffman, Ian.


How to Cite

Request It! (Interlibrary Loan)

Request it

To obtain materials (books, articles, etc.) that are not available at the NMSU Library, use the Request It service.

Use the service if

  • You need a book or article that is not available at NMSU.


  • You need a book or article that is available at another NMSU campus.


  • You are faculty or a Ph.D. candidate and would like to have a book or article delivered to or picked up from your office.

To access Request It directly from a database, look for the Request It button or a link to Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Otherwise, go directly to the Request It form: