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What is HathiTrust?

HathiTrust Benefits in Brief

Anyone with an internet connection can access most HathiTrust content in the public domain, as of 2018 almost 6,000,000 titles published prior to 1924. Benefits to the NMSU community include the following:

  • Full viewing and downloading abilities for public domain (out of copyright) materials and materials for which HathiTrust has received permissions (see "Access" tab for more information on what exactly this entails).
  • You can keyword search the entire HathiTrust Digital Library, both public domain and in-copyright titles, to facilitate information discovery.  
  • Access to the My Collections tool, which makes it possible for users to aggregate works into permanent collections either for private use or to share publicly with others. (See the "Creating Collections in HathiTrust" tab for more information).

How HathiTrust Resources are Connected to the NMSU Library

When the NMSU Library joined HathiTrust, we connected our systems (InterLibrary Loan, WorldCat) with the connections that already existed at HathiTrust (Worldcat). These connections are to the benefit of our NMSU Main Campus students, faculty, and staff, as they ensure that there are multiple ways to find resources and then get those resources. Understanding, very briefly, this connection will help you search more effectively.

This picture shows the connection between NMSU, HathiTrust, and WorldCat systems. Arranged in a triangular shape, NMSU Library is at the top with a bi-directional arrow pointing to and from HathiTrust. A second bi-directional arrow points to and from the NMSU Library and WorldCat . The final connection is an arrow that points from HathiTrust to WorldCat.

These 3 systems are connected to each other in multiple ways, as you can see from the chart to the left. From the NMSU Library's webpage you can go directly to the HathiTrust database to search its holdings, as well as connect to WorldCat.

In HathiTrust, you can search for all kinds of resources, including some available at NMSU. HathiTrust also links you directly to Worldcat if the full-text is not available.

Through the NMSU Inter-Library Loan system and WorldCat you can directly request resources that NMSU Library does not have immediate access to, as you'll be directed to your Inter-Library Loan account. If HathiTrust does not have access to a resource it will direct you to search another library which takes you to WorldCat and the ability to request through NMSU Interlibrary Loan.