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What is in the HathiTrust Digital Library?

Full-text access and downloading is available for current NMSU Main Campus students, faculty, and staff for these items:

  • Works published before 1924 (i.e., in the public domain
  • Works still protected by copyright, but made available to HathiTrust with the permission of the copyright holder
  • US federal government documents

Some materials that look as if they should be available may have additional restrictions placed on them by the institutions that originally provided them. These additional restrictions may prevent users from accessing the full text.

Access to Hathitrust materials can be difficult to understand. Please don't hesitate to contact the Reference Desk for any help.

Note about Access for International Students NOT in the US

Main Campus Faculty and international students teaching or taking online courses that include international students not currently in the United States should take special note of this potential access issue.

HathiTrust follows copyright law according to country. Since different countries have different copyright laws, access will not be the same for everyone. If you are or have students who are NOT on US soil you/they may not be able to access the same things that students located here in the US can. This means that some students may not be able to see HathiTrust resources they've been assigned. The Library recommends students working in international locations and planning to access HathiTrust become familiar with NMSU's VPN and access HathiTrust through that.