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COVID-19 Information & Resources

For information on Library Services during COVID-19 closures and general reference and information relating to COVID-19 itself.

Library Instruction Services for your Online Course

Library Instruction Sessions are moving online!

Faculty members can choose between the following options:

  • Synchronous: Librarian and Faculty member coordinate on an appropriate time, and an appropriate place for the Librarian to post related materials. Delivered via Adobe Connect or Zoom, whichever your students feel most comfortable with. Session is recorded for students unable to make the time slot. Transcript is provided along with recording while waiting until video can be captioned. 
  • Asynchronous: Librarian and Faculty member agree on appropriate place for the Librarian to post related materials. Recorded with Librarian’s preferred method into a video file that is accessible. Transcript provided while video is waiting to be captioned. Librarian available to answer student questions either through online office hours set up ahead of time or through a Discussion board in the Canvas course, as is agreed upon by Librarian and faculty member. 

In a normal one-shot instruction session, students would have plenty of opportunities to ask questions of the Librarian teaching the session. The aim of these first two online options is to provide a similar level of engagement and availability, even though we are at a distance.  

  • Basic instruction video: In the next weeks we will be creating a very basic video detailing how to use the library website. This video will be captioned. This can be embedded into any Canvas course at the faculty member’s request. This option is the quickest one, but will not be tailored to any course. This option stands as-is. 

Things to note about requesting instruction:

  • Most of the focus of online one-shot instruction will be the resources the library has access to online, as it is currently uncertain when normal schedules will reconvene.  
  • We suggest faculty members poll their students for preference.