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Digital Collections at NMSU

A guide to the digital collections available through the New Mexico State University Library, background on the collections, and general information regarding digital collections.

Visualizations Overview

Data visualizations open digital collections to active exploration and discovery but can also provide tools for content analysis and communication. Visualizations can inspire users to explore these rich new resources in greater detail while appealing to human optical capabilities.

Here you will find sample data visualizations from selected NMSU digital collections. We hope you find the information interesting and that you are inspired to explore the collections in greater depth.

NMSU Digital Collections Visualizations

Occurrences of most prolific authors from the Tombaugh Papers

Distribution of fan mail from the Tombaugh Papers

Word cloud from the Tombaugh Papers

word cloud about Clyde Tombaugh and Pluto

The most popular clubs by decade from the NMSU Yearbooks

Word cloud from the NMSU Yearbooks

The most popular sports by decade from the NMSU Yearbooks

Distribution of titles from the ACES Historical Publications