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Digital Collections at NMSU

A guide to the digital collections available through the New Mexico State University Library, background on the collections, and general information regarding digital collections.

Terms you may come across

Digital collections are items selected to be digitized and then organized for user access. The items, metadata, and user interface encompass the user experience of a digital collection. --NISO Framework for Building Digital Collections

The following terms are often associated with digitized items and they can vary on how they are organized online. 

Digital archive--Similar to a physical archive of documents and photographs that are from the past but the documents and photographs are digitized. The phrase digital archive can be a confusing term and example of a digital archive is the New Mexico State Digital Archive.

Digital collection--Consists of documents and photographs that are curated together usually under the same subject and presented online. Some excellent digital collections include the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library.

Digital library--Many different collections brought together. Some examples of digital libraries are Hathi Trust, Digital Public Library (DPLA), and the Smithsonian Library.