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NMSU Library's new integrated discovery search tool

Using Primo Links in Your Course Materials

Creating Resource Links for Your Instruction Materials

Along with the implementation of the new search tool, the Library is also implementing a new back-end catalog system called Alma, which will replace the current library catalog that has provided access to the collection for more than a decade.

Searching for books, CDs, videos and other materials held by the library will be performed on the new Primo interface. Likewise, permanent links to library resources will have to come from Primo in the future. 

After searching Primo, click on a book or article title that you want. Next you will be presented with the item's record view, which has more information about the item and tools for citation, exporting, and creating permanent links. If you want to link to a resource in your instruction materials, just click on PERMALINK and copy it to the clipboard. That link can be used anywhere. 

IMPORTANT: If you currently link to books, government documents, or other records in NMSU's old catalog, called Voyager, be aware that those links will need to be changed to ensure students can access the resources. Old links are expected to work through the middle of Spring 2018 only. 

Permanent links created in third-party databases like EBSCO's Academic Search Premier will not be affected by this change. It only applies to links derived from the previous catalog system, which will be identifiable by any URL starting with 

Comparing old and new links

The previous catalog record and URL would look like this: 

Here's the URL and record view for the same book in the new system, with the Permalink revealed after clicking that tool:


Now take a look at the old catalog link and the new catalog link side by side. You may notice that the old "bibId" is embedded in the new "docid." 

Old catalog link:


New link:


It is possible to construct new links by simply replacing this string of six digits with the old "bibId", but this is not necessary.  You can just look for the same book in the new catalog and copy the Permalink. 


Your library staff and faculty are here to help! If you have any trouble with the new system or need assistance creating new links within Canvas courses, we want to hear from you. The new system promises to be a major step forward in search capability, but we recognize that with any change like this some technical issues may arise. Don't hesitate to contact us for support.