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NMSU Library's new integrated discovery search tool

Searching EBSCOhost databases

Resources not indexed in Primo

You may be used to going to a particular database like Academic Search Complete or Business Source Premier. These databases and others are supplied by EBSCOhost, which competes with the company that built NMSU's new search platform. The companies don't share information, so searching for articles and Ebooks in EBSCOhost databases is slightly different than searching in other parts of Primo. 

There are two options. In Primo search, you can select the EBSCO search scope. You will find it after submitting a search in Primo, at the bottom of the search scopes box on the right side of the search box (marked in this example with a green box). 

While searching the EBSCO scope will query the EBSCO databases, you will notice that there are very few "facets" to use when focusing your search (indicated in this example with an orange box).  

So if you are having trouble finding good articles or books in EBSCO, another option is to go directly into those databases. We maintain an A-Z list of our currently subscribed databases, which you can access at the link below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Top FAQ's

Q. Why is the NMSU Library making this change now? 

A. The NMSU Library has been using the same cataloging system for nearly two decades. In the last few years a new kind of search tool emerged in libraries, called "discovery." Our new search tool brings NMSU into the "discovery" age.

Q. How do I start? 

A. Just click on the NMSU Primo Discovery link in the left hand column of this page and start searching. 

Q: How do I get full text access?

A. Searching in Primo can be done anywhere in the world by anyone on the Internet. However, when you try to access a resource in "full text" you will have to be authenticated as being part of NMSU. If you are on campus this will happen automatically. If you are off campus you will need to login to the proxy server with your NMSU ID and password. 

Q: Why do I need to login to the Primo interface? 

A: You don't have to log in to search, but if you do login with your NMSU credentials, on campus or off, you will have the ability to request resources, save searches, and check your library account (among many other things). 

Q: I'm an instructor and I put links to book records in my Canvas course. Now what? 

A. If you used links from the old catalog (you'll know because those links all start with then you will need to change those links. Click on the For Faculty page in the left hand column for a primer on how to do that. 

Q: Will this new system really help me? 

A: We think so. Discovery searches apply powerful algorithmic search tools to the NMSU Library's vast physical and electronic holdings. You will find things you never knew existed. 

Q: But what if I like searching for articles the old way, by going to databases that work for me every time? 

A: That's fine. You can keep searching anyway you want. We maintain an A-Z list of all our database resources here: A-Z List

Q: What about indexes that aren't in full text, like SOCindex or that sort of thing? 

A: Great question! We say that Primo searches most, but not all, of our resources. Some databases don't work as well with discovery searches as others. An index like SOCindex is one example. Other examples include business resources like Mergent Online or IBISWorld. 

Q: What if I already know the journal I want, how do I find it? 

A: Above the search box, click on Journal Search and type in the journal's name.