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Thesis and Dissertation Preparation

The end is in sight! Covers the process of submitting your document to the Library, copyright considerations, and more.


Library Services for Thesis and Dissertation Writers

Research Assistance

Would you like help conducting or updating your literature review?  Consider making an appointment with the Library Subject Specialist for your area to learn how to search the key sources for your discipline. There may also be an online research guide (LibGuide) for your subject. Browse available guides.

If you need help with citing sources, please see the Citation Style Guides for additional information.

The Library can also help you with copyright or plagiarism questions. For copyright issues specific to thesis/dissertation writers, please see the tab on this topic.

Binding Services

The Library's Bindery Unit will assist you in getting your thesis or dissertation bound. For information about applicable fees, forms, and locations, please see their Thesis/Dissertation page. This page also explains options for having personal copies bound. Please note that all copies must be edited, approved, and signed before they will be accepted for binding.

New Mexico State University permits the embargo of dissertations and theses under specific circumstances. For more information, please see the following policy, Embargo of Dissertations and Master's Theses.

The Graduate School

The Graduate School has its own guidelines on thesis and dissertation preparation, including a comprehensive manual and a set of frequently asked questions. All graduate students preparing theses and dissertations should be familiar with these documents.