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A guide for doing research on Shakespeare and his contemporaries.

Online Journals

NMSU's Databases contain numerous Electronic Journals related to Shakespeare. These Journals are listed below. 

Click on this link to find the correct Database(s) for each Electronic Journals (and the publication dates available for each):


  •  Aims to bridge the gap between the disciplines of shakespeare in performance studies and shakespeare in english literature and language.
  •  Coverage: 2005 to 1 year ago


Shakespeare Bulletin

  • Covers performance criticism and scholarship. Provides commentary on Shakespeare and Renaissance drama. Covers the U.S., Canada, U.K. and elsewhere.
  • Coverage:2004-present


Shakespeare in Southern Africa

  • Publishes articles, commentary and reviews on all aspects of Shakespearean studies and performance, with particular emphasis on the response to Shakespeare in southern Africa.
  • Coverage: 2001-present


Shakespeare Newsletter

  • Shakespeare news, digests of scholarly articles, lectures, dissertations, new books, original articles, computer scholarship, latest critical and historical discoveries, Shakespeare festivals and programs.
  • Coverage: 2001-present


Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter

  • Formerly (until 1996): Shakespeare Oxford Society. Newsletter (United States)
  • Coverage: 1999-42 days ago


Shakespeare Quarterly

  • Formerly (until 1950): The Shakespeare Association Bulletin
  • Coverage:1950-present


Shakespeare Studies (Columbia)

  • Contains research in the Shakespearean era.
  • Coverage: 1975-present

NMSU Databases for Shakespeare Research

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