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Student Academic Code of Conduct
(For full Policy and Procedures, See ARP 5.10 and ARP 5.11 at

The Student Academic Code of Conduct (SACC) was substantively revised effective Fall 2018 to provide for the timely review and resolution of alleged or suspected violations of academic integrity.  The SACC applies to both undergraduate and graduate students.  The SACC distinguishes between Level I Sanctions and Level II sanctions, depending upon the severity of the offense and other factors.  Level 1 sanctions are one or more of the following:  documented verbal warning issued in conjunction with the ACO, requirement to re-do an assignment, a failing grade on an assignment or reduction in the final grade in the course by one letter grade.  Level II sanctions must be imposed for first time violations by graduate students and for repeat violations or more serious violations by undergraduate students.  Level II sanctions are one or more of the following: written reprimands; a failing grade in the course; disciplinary probation, suspension or dismissal for a specified time period; and notation on the official academic transcript.    

An Academic Conduct Officer (ACO), typically a faculty member or academic administrator, assists the parties through the process and ensures proper maintenance of the records.  The process requires the ACO and involved faculty member to notify students accused of an academic integrity violation and to provide the student an opportunity to participate during the fact finding process.  If charged with a violation, the student may contest the investigative findings or the sanction by requesting a hearing from a hearing panel made up of members from the Student Academic Conduct Board.  Either involved party (student accused or faculty member) may seek a final review from the Office of the Provost, if the matter involves a Level II sanction.

Please visit the links below for the full policy, examples of academic misconduct, report form and a flowchart of the procedures for resolving alleged student academic misconduct:


Examples of Academic Misconduct and Report Form:

Flowchart of Procedures:


updated 1/22/2019