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HIST 486/586: Resources for Local & Regional History

Online Reference Materials

Reference Books Browsing List

BROWSING LIST OF REFERENCE COLLECTION—ZUHL LIBRARY REFERENCE—1ST FLOOR-----The following list is in call number order. If you browse the shelves in reference, you will see other books in each area on the same subjects.  

CT 213 A68 1999

American National Biography 24 v. + supp.

CT 213 S37 1998

Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives

D 14 E53 1999

Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Lives 2 v.

D106 .K36 2000

Who's who in Europe, 1450-1750

D62 .A52 2004

Ancient Europe 8000 B.C.--A.D. 1000 : encyclopedia of the Barbarian world

D217 .H57 1991

Historical dictionary of European imperialism

D424 .C65 1992

The Columbia dictionary of European political history since 1914

D1051 .U78 1996

A dictionary of European history and politics, 1945-1995

DJK50 .H43 1994

Dictionary of East European history since 1945



E 45 E53 1993

Encyclopedia of the North American Colonies 3 v.

E 49 R33 2000

Racial and Ethnic Relations in America 3 v.

E77 N62 1996

Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas 3 v.

E 169.1 A436 1986

American Studies: An Annotated Bibliography 4 v.

E 169.1 E624 2001

Encyclopedia of American Culture and Intellectual History 3 v.

E 169.1 S764 2000

St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture 5 v.

E 169.12 E5 1997

Encyclopedia of Rural America: The Land and the People 2 v.

E 171 W75

Writings on American History 1903-1982

E 173 A7

Annals of America 21 v. + suppl.

E 174 O52 2003

Dictionary of American History 10 v.

E 184 A1 G14 2000

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America 3 v.

E 184 A1 H35

Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups

E 184 E95 R4 1998

Reference Library of European America 4 v.

E 184 I6 E53 1999

Encyclopedia of the Irish in America

E 184 S75 H365 1993

Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States 4 v.

E184.S75 C49 1995

Chronology of Hispanic-American history: from pre-Columbian times to the present

E 185 E54 1996

Encyclopedia of African American Culture and History 5 v. +suppl.

E 185 K34 1992

Kaiser Index to Black Resources 1948-1986 5 v.

E 208 A433 1993

The American Revolution: An Encyclopedia 2 v.

E 740.7 E53 1996

Encyclopedia of the United States in the Twentieth Century 4 v.


F 207.7 E52

Encyclopedia of Southern History

F209 E53 1989

Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

F 384 N48 1996

New Handbook of Texas 6 v.

F595 .A35 1994

The American West in the twentieth century : a bibliography

F786 .B74 2008

The borderlands : an encyclopedia of culture and politics on the U.S.-Mexico divide

F786 .V35 1988

BorderLine : a bibliography of the United States-Mexico borderlands

F796.5 .C47

Chronology and documentary handbook of the State of New Mexico

F796 .S94 1973

20,000 years of history; a New Mexico bibliography, compiled and annotated with an ethnohistorical introd. by Frances Leon Swadesh.

F800 .T93 1984

Sources for New Mexican history, 1821-1848


F1234 .C513 1990

Diccionario de hombres de la Revolución en Chihuahua

F1204 .E539 1997

Encyclopedia of Mexico : history, society & culture

F1228.9 .S73 2009

The states of Mexico : a reference guide to history and culture

F1234 .D364 2002

Encyclopedia of modern Mexico

F1234 .C67 2004

Mexico : an encyclopedia of contemporary culture and history

F1406 .C36 1992

The Cambridge encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean

F1406 .E53 2008

Encyclopedia of Latin American history and culture. (6 vols.)

F1406 .E515 2000

Encyclopedia of contemporary Latin American and Caribbean cultures (3 vols.)

F1408 .G787 1971

 Latin America: guide to the historical literature.

F1410 .R395 2000

A Reference guide to Latin American History

F1414 .N87 2001

Diccionario de política latinoamericana del siglo XX


F3404 .D53 1986

Diccionario histórico y biográfico del Peru, siglos XV-XX. Carlos Milla Batres (9 vols.)

F3404 .T38 2001

Enciclopedia ilustrada del Peru: síntesis del conocimiento integral del Peru desde sus orígenes hasta la actualidad / Alberto Tauro (17 vols.)

F3405 .B5 2003 

Biblioteca hombres del Peru


G1541.S1 L3 2007

An atlas and survey of Latin American history

G1545 .F66 2008

Atlas histórico de México


HA218 .U56 1990

United States-Mexico border statistics since 1900

HA765 .E88 1994

Estadísticas históricas de México.

HA1107 .M5 2003

International historical statistics. Europe, 1750-2000

HN373 .E63 2001

Encyclopedia of European social history from 1350 to 2000, 6 vols

HN 57 E58 1993

Encyclopedia of American Social History 3 v.

HQ 1115 W6 1999

Women in World History 17 v.

HT 108.5 E53 2000

Encyclopedia of Urban Cultures 4 v.

HT 123 P7624 1995

Profiles of America (regions) 16 v.


J87 .N6 F201.81, G29, 1989

Glosario del caló de Ciudad Juárez

PC4829.S6 H6 1993

Spanish terms of the Sonoran Desert borderlands : a basic glossary

Z1419 .U54 1984

Mexico and the Southwest : microfilm holdings of historical documents and rare books at the University of Texas at El Paso Library