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Ebook Guide

This guide will help you understand what e-books are as well as how to view them and check them out in our library.

What Is an Ebook?

The term "ebook" is an abbreviation for electronic book. It means a book that is available online in a full text format. NMSU's Library’s ebooks are designed for research and can be read on any desktop or laptop computer and on a number of smart phone/tablet devices and ebook readers.

Downloading Ebooks to a Desktop or Laptop

NMSU Library ebooks can be viewed full-text online without downloading.  However, you may choose to download an ebook, particularly if you choose to view the ebook on a mobile device.  In order to download our ebooks you must first take two steps:

1) In order to download Library ebooks, you will have to have an Adobe ID account.  Use the following link to sign up for one.

2) Once you have created an Adobe ID, you must download Adobe Digital Editions.  Use the following link to download the Adobe software. 

3) Now you can search our collections to find ebooks.

Using the EBSCO eBook Collection

One way to find ebooks in the NMSU Library collection is by using the the EBSCO E-book Collection direct link, available here:

Using the ProQuest Ebook Central Collection

Another option for locating ebooks is via the ProQuest Ebook Central Platform, available here: