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Digital Collections at NMSU

A guide to the digital collections available through the New Mexico State University Library, background on the collections, and general information regarding digital collections.


The primary objective of creating digital collections at the NMSU Library in 2010 was to preserve and provide access to fragile original materials from the Library’s Archives that document the history of the institution, community, and region. Our digital collections have now been expanded to encompass also the state of New Mexico, and the Southwest. Most of the digitized materials are public records, available with no copyright restrictions. 

These collections are divided into topical sets: agricultureastronomyNMSU history, regional and state including collections from the Rio Grande Historical Collections, spaceports, and geology. The agriculture set includes publications, resources, and research that focus on not only agriculture but also cooking, health and wellness, home economics, and more. Astronomy & space set focuses on the papers of astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of Pluto, and the U.S. Spaceports Online Reference Guide. The NMSU set contains unique historical materials related to the origins, operations, and functions of the daily life of the University. Documents and photographs from the Rio Grande Historical Collections repository focus on the borderlands area and expands to encompass the entire state. Lastly, the geology set is the collection donated by the Zuhls that focuses on fossils, minerals, and petrified wood. 

Here is the link to access our digital collections homepage or if you scroll below you can access each collection individually. 

We welcome you to our treasure trove!



Digital Collections at NMSU




NMSU History

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