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Basic guide to finding information in Linguistics

Find Books

If you need a book, start with the NMSU Library Catalog:

Reference Zuhl 1st Floor   Q – QC Branson 2nd Floor
A – J Zuhl 2nd Floor   QD – SD Branson 3rd Floor
K – PZ Zuhl 3rd Floor   SF – Z Branson 4th Floor


Here are some additional resources for finding books:

Linguistics & Literature Call Numbers

Linguistics & Literature call numbers

P - Linguistics and Communications (Zuhl, third floor)

P1-1091 Philology. Linguistics
P1-85 General
P87-96 Communication. Mass media
P94.7 Interpersonal communication
P95-95.6 Oral communication. Speech
P98-98.5 Computational linguistics. Natural language processing
P99-99.4 Semiotics. Signs and symbols
P99.5-99.6 Nonverbal communication
P101-410 Language. Linguistic theory. Comparative grammar
P118-118.75 Language acquisition
P121-149 Science of language (Linguistics)
P201-299 Comparative grammar
P301-301.5 Style. Composition. Rhetoric
P302-302.87 Discourse analysis
P306-310 Translating and interpreting
P321-324.5 Etymology
P325-325.5 Semantics
P326-326.5 Lexicology
P327-327.5 Lexicography
P375-381 Linguistic geography
P501-769 Indo-European (Indo-Germanic) philology
P901-1091 Extinct ancient or medieval languages

PA - Classical Languages and Literature

PC Romanic languages

PC1-5498 Romance
PC1-400 General
PC601-872 Romanian
PC901-986 Raeto-Romance
Including Romansh
PC1001-1977 Italian
PC1981-1984 Sardinian
PC2001-3761 French
PC2700-(3708) Dialects. Provincialisms
PC2813-(2898) Old French
PC3201-3366 Provencal (Old)
PC3371-3420.5 Modern patois of South France
PC3420.8-3495 Langue d'oc dialects
PC3721-3761 Slang. Argot
PC3801-3976 Catalan
PC4001-4977 Spanish
PC5001-5498 Portuguese

PD Germanic languages. Scandinavian languages

PE - English Language

PE1-3729 English
PE101-(458) Anglo-Saxon. Old English
PE501-(693) Middle English
PE(814)-896 Early Modern English
PE1001-1693 Modern English
PE1700-3602 Dialects. Provincialisms, etc.
PE3701-3729 Slang. Argot, etc.

PF West Germanic languages

PG Slavic languages. Baltic languages. Albanian language
PH Uralic languages. Basque language
PJ Oriental languages and literatures
PK Indo-Iranian languages and literatures
PL Languages and literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania
PM Hyperborean, Indian, and artificial languages

PN - Literary History & Poetry

PQ - Romance Literatures

PR - English Literature

PS - American Literature

PT - German Literature

PZ - Children's Literature

Reference Books

Selected List of Reference Books for Languages & Linguistics

All located in the Zuhl Library Reference Area, 1st Floor






Encyclopedia of communication theory

P87.5 .E5315 2009

The world atlas of language structures

P143 .W67 2005

The Cambridge encyclopedia of the world's ancient languages

P371 .C357 2004

Diccionario de lingüística moderna

P29 .A43 2004

The atlas of languages : the origin and development of languages throughout the world

P107 .A87 2003

International encyclopedia of linguistics

P29 .I58 2003

21st century American English compendium : a guidebook for translators, interpreters, writers, editors, and advanced language students

PE2835 .R83 2000

Compendium of the world's languages

P371 .C36 2000

Linguistics : a guide to the reference literature

P121 .D45 2000

Concise encyclopedia of educational linguistics

P40.8 .C66 1999

Key concepts in language and linguistics

P29 .T687 1999

Multicultural Spanish dictionary : how everyday Spanish differs from country to country

PC4640 .M26 1999

Dictionary of languages : the definitive reference to more than 400 languages

P371 .D35 1998

A dictionary of literary terms and literary theory

PN41 .C83 1998

Language and communication : a cross-cultural encyclopedia

P29 .F47 1998

Routledge dictionary of language and linguistics

P29 .B8713 1998

The Cambridge encyclopedia of language

P29 .C64 1997

A dictionary of linguistics and phonetics

P29 .C65 1997

Dictionary of worldwide gestures

PN4165 .B37 1997

Linguistic cultures of the world : a statistical reference

P35 .P29 1997

Reference manual for communicative sciences and disorders : speech and language

RC423 .K46 1994

The Encyclopedia of language and linguistics

P29 .E48 1994

Thesaurus of linguistic indexing terms

P1.L15 C65 1992

The Linguistics encyclopedia

P29 .L52 1991