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BUSA 1110 : Library Resources for Research

Business in a Global Society

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Business Research

BUSA1110 Research Guide

Zuhl Library at Night (David Irvin)

Hello, and welcome to the BUSA 1110 Research Guide. This guide provides a number of resources to help you complete research projects for your class. On the lefthand side, hover over Company and Industry Research to find the resources. 

Information is critical to how companies make decisions in the marketplace and for investors. The NMSU Library offers many databases that are relevant to your research in BUSA1110. 

As you Business Librarian, I am hired by NMSU to make sure you can succeed in your business research. Feel free to contact me with any specific research questions at 

To get started, click on the tab on the left titled "Company and Industry Research." 

-David Irvin

Click Here for the BUSA1110 Research Instruction Video