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Getting materials to you - Fast!

Request an item through PRIMO!


If you would like us to pull a book from the collection for you to pick up at the Library front desk, we can do that. Requesting items through Primo is simple and fast, and this page will show you how.

First, always login using your NMSU ID when you first get to Primo. Click the "Sign in" button at the top-right of the opening page. 

After you perform a search and find the book that you need, click on the title of that book to open the "record view" (pictured below). Scroll down until you find the REQUEST section, and click the first link that says Request. 

A new box will appear with more options. The first drop-down box indicates where you will pick the item up. Books requested through this system will be set aside at the library's circulation desk. 

You have the option of selecting any NMSU campus. Choose your campus.

You may want to choose a "not needed after" date. This simply tells us how long we should hold the request open before closing it. 

Finally, don't forget to hit the Submit button. And that's it! When the book is retrieved from the collection, you will be notified and able to pick it up at the library.