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NMSU Library's new integrated discovery search tool

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The Primo Search Explained

Searching NMSU's resources has never been easier. Simply submit a search query in the Primo search box and go!

Screenshot of the NMSU Library Main Campus search options or scopes in the Primo search box

You'll notice that as you type your search, the system offers several search options, or scopes, such as Everything, Articles, Course Reserves, and others. Selecting a search scope at this stage can help limit your search results, but it is not necessary.

What makes the new NMSU search interface so powerful is its ability to refine and target searches after the initial keywords have been entered. The user just has to limit or filter searches using the tools on the left-hand side of the screen. These are called facets. Look for them under the words "Refine your results."  (marked by an orange box below)

Screenshot of the NMSU Library Main Campus on ways to refine your results in the Primo

These are the most useful ways to quickly refine your results. Choose:

  • Resource Type (article, book, audio, patent, etc.)
  • Publication date 
  • Subject (many searches bridge disciplines, so choose the one you are working on)
  • Journal Title (useful if you have a particular resource in mind)

In article searches, you may want "peer reviewed" content only. You can make that choice under "Availability"