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Archives & Special Collections

Appreciation for our Student Employees 

by Salena Valdez on 2022-04-14T12:23:00-06:00 | Comments

On April 10 - 16, 2022, we celebrate our student employees who work tirelessly to support the NMSU Archives and Special Collections Department. While focusing on their intense studies, they always come to work with smiles on their faces and ready to tackle their duties. Although Student Employee Appreciation Week is just a week-long opportunity to acknowledge our students, we appreciate their hard work every day. 

Students! You are amazing and so valued here at the Archives and Special Collections Department. I personally appreciate your insight, and I am honored to be learning from such experienced professionals. As someone with no experience working in a library prior to my current position, the student employees have been gracious in teaching me about their abilities. I appreciate their cooperative spirit and attention to detail. I could not be more thrilled to work with such a terrific group of people, and I look forward to learning more from them each day.  

Special Collections 

Sarah Schrock has been a key presence in the department, as one of our regular student employees. Sarah has remained dedicated to our department for several years. She is currently working on her BA in English, with an emphasis in creative writing and a minor in literature. Sarah has been tediously working on the memorabilia from the U.S. Senator Pete V. Domenici papers, which includes hundreds of artifacts. This involves taking photos, inputting metadata, updating records in PastPerfect, and properly rehousing the items. Additionally, Sarah is unframing oversized Rio Grande Historical Collections (RGHC) material, which requires handling each photograph, print, and certificate with extreme precision and care.  

Political Collections 

Dezi Stockton is our Spring intern for the Domenici papers. She has been working in the department since February 1, 2022, and she has been a great addition. She has learned her duties very quickly and accomplishes her tasks with lightning speed. She has already accomplished labelling and organizing memorabilia from the Domenici memorabilia collection. Currently, she is working on collecting metadata and transferring audiovisual files from disks to an online database, the Internet Archive.  

Rio Grande Historical Collections 

Arantza Zacarias is our Spring intern for the Esther Chávez Cano papers. She has been working in the department since February 2, 2022. Arantza is very dedicated and reliable, which is evident in her work ethic and her willingness to drive from east El Paso, TX to work in our department. She has provided us with invaluable knowledge and insight into Esther Chávez Cano through her continuing work with the NMSU Anthropology Department. Her current project involves conducting archival research to create a timeline and a digital exhibit that showcases the discourse on feminicide in Ciudad Juárez. Arantza is finishing her undergraduate degree in anthropology and has expressed an interest in pursuing her master’s degree in library science.   

Isabel Lopez joined the ASC department in 2017 and she has remained a vital source of information in RGHC. She is always eager to jump in and assist on tasks when needed and without hesitation. Currently, she is processing the John Hunner papers, while also fulfilling retrievals, scanning requests, and other RGHC tasks, as needed. Isabel has mastered our new scanning equipment and has produced high-quality scans for several patrons. Her work accomplishments are no small feat considering she also juggles full-time nursing coursework. Despite her rigorous course load and varied work duties, Isabel is always willing to help while maintaining a cheerful demeanor.  

Tyler Whitaker is one of our regular student employees. He has been with the department for less than a year, but he has advanced beyond all expectations. Tyler has processed multiple collections in his short time with the department. Currently, he is processing the Charles M. de Bremond papers, while completing daily retrievals, scanning requests, and various RGHC tasks. He has also mastered our new scanning equipment and consistently provides high-quality scans to our patrons. Sometimes the scan requests are for entire books or multiple boxes from a collection, so it requires patience and skill to produce quality scans. Tyler accomplishes these orders with accuracy and minimal turnover time. Tyler is reliable and dedicated, while happily taking on multiple work tasks and also managing his intense college coursework. 

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