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Public History

Resources for students studying Public History including: oral history, historical memory, museum studies, historic preservation, living history, digital humanities, documentary editing, and more.

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Databases can yield search results in the hundreds. To locate relevant sources quickly and efficiently, consider using database advance search options. Narrow your results by publication date, language, subject, author, full text, etc. If you find you're still overwhelmed, ask a librarian for research assistance.

Some databases may be restricted to a number of simultaneous users. If you are unable to access materials, try back later or contact a librarian.


This list is not comprehensive. Visit the NMSU Library online to search journal titles. Historic preservation can also include elements of archaeology, urban planning, geography, and other fields of study. Consider broadening your search terms to yield the best results.

Government Resources

Links to U.S. government resources and organizations relating to historic preservation.

Professional Organizations

These are just a few of the many historic preservation organizations in existence; beyond the national organizations, each state will likely have organizations committed to historic preservation as well.