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Public History

Resources for students studying Public History including: oral history, historical memory, museum studies, historic preservation, living history, digital humanities, documentary editing, and more.

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Articles & Databases

Most electronic journals (and journal articles) are accessed through a database. NMSU Library subscribes to more than 250 databases. Click HERE to find a complete list of library databases. You can also search available journals by title or subject. Journals can often be accessed through more than one database. Click HERE to search NMSU Library's electronic journals.

Databases can yield search results in the hundreds. To locate relevant sources quickly and efficiently, consider using database advance search options. Narrow your results by publication date, language, subject, author, full text, etc. Note: Some databases provide more access to material than others and some restrict access to a limited number of simultaneous users. If you're having difficulty accessing a database or need assistance with your research, please contact a librarian.

Research Tips

START your research early. Delivery of books requested through InterLibrary Loan (Request It!) may take a couple of weeks. Consider the availability of materials when setting your research timeline.

SEARCH WorldCat. WorldCat allows you to quickly search the holdings of libraries around the world. For best results, start your search here.

ASK a librarian to help you narrow (or broaden) your search terms and identify appropriate subject headings.

UTILIZE the "Advanced Search" option of the NMSU Library catalog and online databases to limit your search results by publication date, subject, language, type, etc.

TRUNCATE your search terms by utilizing an asterisk (*) when searching for variations of a word. For example: creat* will return results on create, creation, creator, creating, etc. (Note: Different search engines may use different symbols.)

LIMIT your search to an exact phrase by utilizing quotation marks within your search. For example: "Fort Sumter" or "cultural landscape."

CONSULT the Library's Frequently Asked Questions.

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Locate Relevant Call Numbers

  • AM - Museums, Collectors and Collecting
    • AM10-100   by Country
    • AM111-160  Museology, Museum Methods, Technique
    • AM200-501  Collectors and Collecting
  • CC - Archeology
    • CC1-960      Archeology
      • CC135-137  Preservation, Restoration, and Conservation of Antiquities
  • E - History of the Americas
    • E11-143       America
    • E151-909     United States
  • F - History of the Americas
    • F1-975         United States Local History
      • F786-790  New Southwest, Colorado River, Canyon, and Valley
      • F791-805  New Mexico
  • GN - Anthropology
    • GN1-890      Anthropology
      • GN406-517  Cultural Traits, Customs, and Institutions
        • GN406-442  Technology, Material Culture
  • SB - Plant Culture
    • SB481-486    Parks and Public Reservations