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NMSU Digital Collections

Navigating the Digital Collections

The primary Digital Collections platform, CONTENTdm, has features for navigating the collection. When first entering a collection from the home page, you will encounter a navigation screen that lists items in the center. Along the left side, you will see a number of facet boxes that allow you to narrow the number of records you encounter. Note that the platform will indicate which collection you are in (indicated by green arrow).


Clicking on a record will allow you to access the digitized item and information about the item and a transcription (when available). The Transcript and item information are found below the digital image of the item. Below is an example of some of the contextual information you may encounter: 


Multiple-page items frequently have subsequent pages listed to the right of the item on which you clicked. You can enlarge the item you are looking at and, in some cases, see additional pages (if not listed to the right) by clicking on the "expand" icon in the top right corner of the item. From this view, you are also able to rotate and zoom the item.


Items in this collection are all available to be downloaded and printed. Users should check "Rights" details in the item information for copyright and fair use parameters before disseminating. The upper-right corner features the tools needed to download or print the image. 


Finally, content DM allows you to create a free account to bookmark and "save" featured items. After creating an account, click on the "save" star to bookmark items of interest.

You can browse across all digital collections, selected collections, and within one collection. Be aware of the selected collection in the left-hand collections facet. See below for an example of browsing across multiple collections.


You can also search across all digital collections, selected collections, and within one collection. Be sure to note the collection in which you are searching. You can also use facets to narrow down your browsing or searching. Below is an example of a search withing one collection applying multiple facets to narrow the results.


When looking at your search results, the platform will highlight pages within the document and locations within the page where the search term occurs. See below for a search result.