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Latin American Geography

Resources for research in Latin American Geography


Reference Books

Reference Books - Located in Zuhl Library, 1st floor * Browse in the Reference Collection to find related reference materials in these call number areas.

Europa World Year Book [Zuhl Ref DESK] JN1 Eu74y
South American Handbook   Ref F1401 So87 2007
Encyclopedia of Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean Cultures   Ref F1406 E515 2000
Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture     Ref F1406 E53 1996
The Penguin Dictionary of Geography     Ref G63.C562 2003
World Geographical Encyclopedia    Ref G63.E5213 1995
Encyclopedia of the World's Nations     Ref G63 K874 2002
Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations     Ref G63.W67 1998
The Columbia Gazetteer of the World [BRANSON- atlases]    Ref G103.5 .C65 1998
Companion Encyclopedia of Geography, the Environment and Humankind   Ref G116.C645
World Geography    Ref G133.W88 2001
Maps on File     Ref G1021 M33
Latin America on File     Ref G1540 T6 1995
The Dictionary of Human Geography     Ref GF4.D52 2000
The Dictionary of Physical Geography    Ref GB10.D53 2000
Encyclopedia of Deserts     Ref GB 611.E65 1999
Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Change  Ref GE 149.E443 2002
Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences   Ref GC 9.E57 2001
Encyclopedia of World Environmental History   Ref GF10 .E63 2004
Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Environmental Change  Ref GB 611.E65 1999
Rivers of the World: A Social, Geographical, and Environmental Sourcebook  Ref GB1201.4.P46 2001
Political Risk Yearbook North and Central America   Ref JL1416 P65 2006
Political Risk Yearbook South America  Ref JL1866 P65 2006