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Library Cancellation Projects

Details on NMSU Library cancellations

FY14 Cancellation Project

Update on the FY14 Cancellation Project (posted September 8, 2013)

After conferring with University Administration, the Library is not proceeding at this time with the FY14 Library Materials Cancellation Project. The materials budget shortfall has been addressed, and the Library will not be cancelling subscriptions and other library resources this academic year. However, the materials budget shortfall for FY15 is projected to be substantial. The Library will be working very closely with the NMSU Provost and his team in the months ahead to respond to this situation.

FY14 Cancellation Project (posted August 28, 2013)

Due to ongoing shortfalls in the materials budget, the Library is undertaking a cancellation project early in the fall 2013 semester. This will not be a large cut because of the funding we received from last year’s GO Bond B. We are grateful to New Mexico voters for supporting the bond, which resulted in $375,964 of one-time funding for the Library, all of which has been added to the materials budget. However, even with the bond funding, a review of projected revenues and costs leaves us with a projected shortfall of $92,163. Through titles that have ceased publication and the start of the new state-wide database program, we have already made up $34,227.71 of the shortfall. This leaves $57,935.30 in cancellations to be identified by mid-September.

Since the shortfall is relatively small, we have focused on standing orders and single journal titles rather than journal packages. We have reviewed titles that show low use, or no use, or that cost $100 or more per use. Some titles have appeared on previous “potential cancellation” lists; others are new. A list of titles is attached to this message, along with information about cost, use, and alternative access and archiving where available. If you have questions or comments, please contact us by Monday, September 9. We must submit cancellations to our vendor that week.

Contacts for the FY14 Cancellation project:

Our goal with any cancellation project is to minimize difficulties caused by loss of access. NMSU Library has had to undergo many cancellations and reductions in recent years due to the erosion of purchase power. The remaining serials collection includes titles that have been identified as important, even when use appears low.

NMSU Library continually works to identify alternative methods of providing access to research material. In 2013, we joined a document delivery consortium that has decreased our average journal article turnaround time for NMSU borrowers to 14.3 hours per request. We had previously joined Portico, a digital preservation and archiving service, which helps provide access to cancelled or discontinued titles. Library staff, particularly our subject specialists, are available to work with researchers to explore access options.

NMSU Library is also working with University Administration to review ways to support and enhance the teaching, research and outreach programs of New Mexico State University. We are operating in times of rapid change for scholarly communication where both print and digital materials are important and both carry significant costs. We must continually analyze our mix of journal packages and subscriptions, databases, on-site collections, and consortial agreements to identify the maximum value for our budget allocations. Please be aware that we anticipate a substantial shortfall next year in FY15.  All of the bond funding received by NMSU has been applied to the FY14 shortfall; inflation and reduced revenue streams from alternative funding sources continue.

We appreciate your support.