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Library Cancellation Projects

Details on NMSU Library cancellations


Q: Which departments and programs will be affected?

A: This project will affect all colleges, departments, and programs.

Q: Will each department or program be expected to reduce spending by the same amount?

A: Due to the high cost of some resources, there may be colleges and departments which will temporarily lose some expensive journal packages.

Q: Are other research libraries canceling subscriptions?

A: Yes. The annual increase in inflation and resources is significant.  With in academic libraries, there is an acknowledgment that the fiscal impact of  the pandemic will increase the need for a change in the current publishing model.  Many of the "Big Deal" publishers, including Elsevier are know to be predatory in the ownership of scholarship.  A shift to Open Access scholarship is necessary for academic libraries to be sustainable.

Q: Will other library subscriptions be cancelled?

In addition to all of our individual journal packages, we have cut almost all print journals and a few low use or expensive databases will be effected.  The hope is to retain as many databases as possible.  Databases provide access to full text access of journals athough not all.

Q:  How will we be able to access full text of articles?

In addition to databases, our lnterlibrary Loan service will be able to provide access to many materials.  There are limitations and cost implications for requesting many articles per individual journals due to copyright.  This change will have an impact on our budget but the cost is unknown.  These types of cancellations are unpresedented.   

There are also open access resources such as the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and institutional repositories which provide some full text access.  One of the best ways to find those resources is to search Google Scholar through the NMSU Library "Databases" link.  The results will also link to our library's full text access.  In addition, please contact the Reference and Research Services department for any additional help.  Librarians are resourceful!  Contact us online through our Ask Us! service and we can double check for full text access.