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Library Cancellation Projects

Details on NMSU Library cancellations


FY21 library materials cancellations process  

Inflation rates for serials and databases are forecast to be six percent for FY21. This percentage estimate is based on inflation forecasts from the library's major vendors. The New Mexico State University Library's Instruction & General base budget has continued to be flat for the past 20 years. Therefore, the loss of buying power results in serials and database cancellations on an annual basis.

Historically, the NMSU Library has established alternative revenue stream sources to support the materials budget. However, the rates of inflation have remained greater than all revenue sources combined (I&G and alternative revenues).

Alternative revenue sources used to support the Library's materials budget include the following:

• Biennial GO Bond funding for New Mexico academic libraries

• 2.5 percent of IDC (research overhead)

• Student fee allocated by the Library Student Advocacy and Advisory Council (LSAAC)

• Private donations

FY21 Serials Review Timeline

October 2019 Collections Team releases the list of titles under review for University community feedback
February 28, 2020 Community feedback is due
March 2020 Collections Team revises the list based on community feedback
Spring/Summer 2020 Once the budget figures are released, the Collections Team drafts the final cancellations list
August 15, 2020 Final cancellations list is processed by the Acquisitions Unit and posted on this guide

FY21 Serials Review Process

Every year the library reviews our current subscriptions based on a three-variable rubric.  This review is the first step in the process of balancing our materials budget.  It is required since inflation results in price increases every year, while our materials budget has been flat for over 10 years.

Developing the Review List

The variables used in the rubric to determine titles for review are:

  • Usage - Three-year average usage of </= 30
  • Cost per use (CPU) – Three-year average cost per use >/= $25.00
  • Full-text availability – Is the title available full-text online with an embargo </= 18 months.

Review Process

  1. Each fall the Collections Team meets to review the rubric. 
  2. This information is used by the Acquisitions Librarian to develop the review list
  3. The Review list is then shared with the University Community for their comments
  4. When the figures for the FY21 budget are received, the cancellations list is developed based on the review list with commentary. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Collections Team at

Thank you.

FY21 Journal Titles and Packages To Be Reviewed

For your information, a spreadsheet of serial titles under review for FY21 is available here: 

Your feedback and questions are appreciated. Please respond by February 28, 2020, to the NMSU Library Collections Team at