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Library Cancellation Projects

Details on NMSU Library cancellations

Lists & Proposed Plan for FY16

Once again the Library has a budget shortfall. This is due, in part, to a 6-7% annual inflation rate for serials subscriptions that is not addressed in the Library's flat base budget. The FY16 shortfall also is due to a University-wide budget problem. Because of the latter situation, the Library has been asked to permanently reduce its budget by 3%.

Part of that reduction will be handled by taking a permanent reduction of approximately $70,000.00 in its serials subscriptions. 

See the linked files below for a complete list of serials, costs and other descriptive information and for a proposed list of titles to be cancelled. 

Proposed Plan
Below is a spreadsheet listing 55 serials titles or packages that show either high cost per use or low use or both. This a proposed list only. The spreadsheet has three tabs. The first is the complete proposed list for cancelations. The second shows title, library subject fund, FY16 cost, and 3 year cost per use data. The final spreadsheet shows titles with 36 or less uses over a 3 year period. In other words, these titles were used, on average, once a month. 
Please respond by October 25, 2015.