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Library Cancellation Projects

Details on NMSU Library cancellations

Proposed Plan for FY17 Serials cancellations

Inflation rates for serials average about 8% this year. This percentage estimate is based on last year's actual inflation. However, the NMSU Library's Instruction & General base budget has, for the most part, been flat for the past twenty years and has not kept up with the rate of inflation. This loss of buying power has necessitated serials cancellations as annual exercise.The Library continues to seek and obtain alternative revenue streams to augment its loss of buying power but those too have declined.

Alternative revenue used to support the Library's material budget:

  • Biennial GO Bond funding for New Mexico libraries
  • 2.5% of IDC (research overhead)
  • Student fee monies
  • Endowment funds

Another challenge the Library is facing in FY17 is a permanent 7% reduction in its I&G base budget because of a University-wide $10.8 million dollar permanent budget reduction. Some of that reduction will come from the Library's materials budget and will necessitate another large serials cancellation project.

The Library is needs to cancel approximately $468,000.00 in subscription costs to cover its loss of buying power. 

Below are two downloadable spreadsheets listing possible serials titles to cancel and databases already slated for cancellation. 

 Please review these and provide feed back to your library subject specialist by June 17, 2016.