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Library Instruction Program

What are Research Guides?

Research Guides, also known as Library Guides, or LibGuides, are a series of tools librarians create to help their community with searching and common questions.

At the NMSU Library, Research Guides can be found via the Library website. Faculty members may link students to them for specific courses or skills. Librarians may direct you to them for more specific directions or information that you can refer to at your leisure. In other words, these are available 24/7, even when the librarians have all gone home for the day.

Where can I find Research Guides?

There are two ways to access the page to search Research Guides.

  1. You can find and search Research Guides by choosing the "Guides" tab in the searching box on our homepage. In the picture below, the pink arrow is pointing to the tab.
  2. You can also find Research Guides by choosing the "Help & Guides" tab in the navigation bar just below the NMSU logo on the Library website, and then clicking on the "Research & Course Guides" choice from the dropdown. 

Image of searching box from Library homepage. Dual-colored pink arrow pointing to the "Guides" choice in that box.

How do I find the help I need in Research Guides?

The Research Guides search defaults to a keyword search, which means it's looking throughout the whole guide for the words you type into the box. Use boolean operators, phrase searching, and other strategies to construct your search and make it more specific.